If you’re new to the concept of Healthcare Pizza, I’m going to need to let you down easy. This has nothing to do with actual pizza. It’s a play on words, where I aim to breakdown healthcare topics into slices of digestible insights.

I post most of my daily musings on Twitter (@healthcareandy) and LinkedIn, so going to use substack a little differently. Here I will focus on my experience building a health tech company. I written about other startups for too long, so it’s time throw my hat in the ring. Read my first post, β€œHealthcare Pizza v.2.0” for a little more information about why the newsletter makes sense for me.

We spend $4 trillion per year on healthcare with tons of problems. I’m trying to help one slice of the system, by empower patients, providers, and payers to improve care and lower cost in a specific area. I hope you’ll join me.


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